Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Another lazy-ish day..

The last one for a bit though … tomorrow is the last “in betweeny” day (and coincidentally my birthday too), and then it’s New Year’s Eve and then New Year’s day.  Where has the year gone???

I haven’t been kissed by the scrapping muse yet … was hoping to do some digi scrapping but somehow am not sure how/where to start … had a look at the tutorial sites too but am not getting anywhere yet. 

About to start hitting the books … due to re-sit the 3rd part of my exam on the 20th January and really NEED to get it done so I can call myself “qualified Sports Therapist”. 

Had a call from the temp agency today – everything is sorted for me to start again on the 3rd (different department, same old stuff), I don’t even need to re-register with Reed again, although I didn’t work for/through them in December at all. 

Ordered a couple of crafty things online for me from my Daddy as birthday presents, and probably for my mum too … will figure that out when I phone them tonight. Didn’t manage to get them on the line since Xmas … :o

Tomorrow I am planning on playing catch up with JYC entries … REALLY want to finish the journal/album this time and start a new one in 2010. :) 

Off to start 2 hours studying at 3pm, currently waiting for the washing machine to finish. 

Oh … and today our back garden looks again like this … we had some snowfall around noon-ish. :) DH thinks it was about 1-2 inches.

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Dörte said...

Hi ... ich hoffe du hattest ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und wünsche dir einen tollen Start ins Jahr 2010 !!! Ich habe leider deine Adresse verloren so dass du keine Karte bekommen hast :o(((
Bis demnächst ! LG Dörte