Saturday, 12 December 2009

JYC Day 12 - “Tales of Christmas Past”

Day 12

And we’re still in the realms of Archives … not long to go though and it will be all new Layouts! :)

This photo was taken a looooong time ago … I don’t even know how old my big sis and I were at that time.

Christmas Eve was then celebrated the following way:

  • At around 3pm my sis and I had to move into our rooms to play/watch telly, while my dad decorated the tree and my mum cooked the bird.
  • At around 6pm we’d hear a small bell  ringing – the sign for us that the “Christkind” has been and left the presents
  • We’d then be allowed in the living room and would see our big Christmas tree with real candles and my dad would always put sheets of wrapping paper on the floor … something I really liked (we’ve got a christmassy sheet now)
  • My sis and I would have to “perform” something before we’d be allowed to open our presents … either do something musical (both my sis and I played the “Blockfloete (recorder)) or recite a Christmassy Poem
  • Then presents opening would commence…

The food for Christmas eve was usually a bird of some description (Duck or Goose), dumplings, red cabbage and Brussel sprouts. I don’t remember what we had for dessert though… most likely my Granny’s cookies… ;)

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