Saturday, 26 December 2009

Me in 2009 week 52

Outside my Window: Grey but a bit of sun – snow’s still on the ground
I am Thinking: I’ve had a nice Christmas, but as usual it was over too quickly
From the Kitchen: Mmmmh… had my brunch brought up by DH – haven’t been downstairs yet today! ;)
I am Learning: I’ll have to hit the books (anatomy & physiology) from tomorrow for the re-sit of the 3rd part of my exam!
I am Wearing: Jogging bottoms, T’shirt and a fleece (it’s very cold today!)
I am Creating: Nothing right now but will move to the study in a bit to do some JYC entries… ;)
I am Going: to update my blog with the archived JYC entries, do some more entries and then have dinner later on – leftovers from Christmas eve.
I am Reading: Currently “Ice Limit” and blogs & Facebook. From tomorrow anatomy & physiology books plus my notes.
I am Hoping: for a bit more snow and that my studying will stick in my brain! ;)
I am Hearing: “Bones” on TV (watching as well) – catching up on SKY+. Fav songs at the moment though… “Just Say Yes” – Snow Patrol and “I got a Feeling” – Black Eyed Peas.
Around the House: Cold and Christmassy decos downstairs.
One of my Favorite Things: my heating blanket for the bed. ;)
A Few Plans for Next Week: STUDYING! Catching up on the Christmas Journal … not freaking out about turning 35! ;)

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C D said...

Thanks for your encouraging words!! 35 - HA!! I turned 42... and having birthdays beats the alternatives ;-)

Yes - blog encouragement... I love FB for the fast updates, but I really do like writing and reading blogs, and miss it.

I'm stealing the weekly thing -- I think that is awesome -- and it helps keep track of the year in a good good way!!

And as for my pictures... I didn't post the pictures of the rest of the house and how 1/2 the living room is literally full of my plastic storage items in various stages of being organized!! :-) It is the overwhelming-ness of my whole house being in the same basic state as my room that is giving me the anxiousness.

And I've not scrapped for myself in so long, and I want to... *whine whine*

Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day & Hope you have a Happenin' Hogmanay ;-)