Monday, 7 December 2009

Quick weekend recap

A bit behind ... came home later than expected yesterday after a very mentally exhausting weekend - preparation weekend/last practical module (and first for me in about 2.5 years!) before the final exam/before I am going to re-sit the 3rd part of the exam. :) 

I went through to Glasgow Airport (the module took place at the Holiday Inn there) on Friday courtesy of Citylink Buses (and the price has gone up considerably for a open return ticket!!). Felt like I didn't study enough (and I probably didn't, but confessed that immediately to the tutor) -  but fortunately the knowledge which was dormant for the last 3-ish years is still there ... just hiding in the "cupboard" of my brain! :)  Been doing revision both Friday and Saturday evening though.

Had a very good tutor, and I am glad that Sports Rehab & Education has added this practical module (Module V), which did not exist when I sat the exam ... and failed one part. I am more confident to resit now, and should be ok once I have brushed up on my A (Anatomy) and P (Physiology).

The exam is on 20 January 2010!!!

Will be busy until Saturday so am not sure if I can post the JYC entries via the calendar option tomorrow morning before the rush starts ... otherwise you'll have to wait until Sunday. :)

Haven't had time to do the entry for Day 6 yet either ... :o Cannae wait until next Monday when I  will have more time to get organised for Christmas etc. ;)

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