Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas Day 2 - "Weather"

Ok... another archived JYC entry ... ;) I just don't have time this year to do them new. :o Far too much stuff on, and Christmas just sneaked up on me!! No cards done, no doors opened on my Advent calendars (bar the tea one of course!!).

Prompt was weather and we were encouraged to cut a snowflake. I just did a Quilling class that time and decided I try to quill a snowflake. The result is not half bad, eh? ;) Haven't really quilled anything since, but I have purchased a quilling book and will look into that again. :) 

The first "fresh" LO for JYC 2009 will be on the 6th I think. :) Then I have a couple random ones and then quite a lot still to do - at a time when things will be a bit quieter for me I hope.

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