Thursday, 21 September 2006

Just another drop ....

I received my last payslip on Tuesday - and they have left out my 5 days holidays I was supposed to get paid as I never took them.... trying to get in touch with my boss today but guess what - cannot get anywhere. Will phone team phone number in a bit!! I thought we had settled everything when we did the paperwork on my last day but HR informed me they were never told about those 5 days .... ???!?!!? Not saying anything about my old company but it's getting a bit annoying now!!!

And then, just to top everything off - DH phoned me from his shopping trip that there's something wrong with the car - his dad's car, which we were supposed to use for our weekend in Sheffield (as per MIL - anything could happen with our little Peugeot!!!). Great! Can we please just have a breather?!?!?!

DH just phoned again, and apparently the car should be ok to drive all the way to Sheffield and back. The whole shebang has resulted in an annoyed DH who has lost yet another afternoon of his week off which he wanted to use to clear the spare bedroom as we have visitors coming next weekend (some extended family - another thing MIL has kinda arranged (with our consent, I hasten to add - as they are currently on yet another holiday!!!) and I am away from Thursday 28th until Monday 2nd!! GACK!!!

No word on the work front yet, but then - I wouldn't know where to put it in my plan anyway ... studying, tidying, getting the admin stuff ready for the Wolves Affiliation Game on 1st October AND also battling a cold that is just lurking but doesn't want to come out (and that's since Friday last week!!!!)... :( Studying? Well.. I try my best, but my brain doesn't seem to do anything, and DH doesn't understand this situation... GRRRRR!!! I WANT A HOLIDAY!!!

Well.. trying to phone work again and then off to my 3rd part of studying for today.

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Heather said...

Sorry you didn't get paid for the 5 days. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help when back at work next week.