Friday, 29 September 2006

Day 1 of my "holiday" :)

First day in London - and Sharon and I decided to go to the British Museum after a loooong lie in and bit slumping about with breakfast etc. :) On the way to the museum we got past Sharon's nearest Stamp Shop ... they had lots of nice stamps and accessories, but I held back with purchases due to our trip to Ally Pally tomorrow! :)

The Museum was great as usual. Sharon showed me the "new" library - I am sure it wasn't there when I visited it in 1998/1999. Also went to the special exhibition about "Taboo in the Pacific" which was very interesting. I wanted to see the mummies but somehow we didn't find them so we decided to go for lunch and on the search for Sharon's brushes. Had a very nice plain Potato with Cheese (Thanks Sharon!!!) and then went searching for paint brushes (cheapy ones for Sharon to use with the H2Os) and anatomy/physiology software for me. As this took longer than we had planned (and I still don't have any software but got the October issue of Creating Keepsakes!!!) we decided against going back to the British Museum and instead went food shopping and back to the flat.

Graeme and Sharon whipped up a yummie curry for me (Sharon said we'd have food that Doug doesn't like) and a nice wine as well. And then we talked again - this time about what we're going to look for at Alexandra Palace and did disappear into the respective beds again around midnight!!

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