Thursday, 28 September 2006

Train Musings

"I'm on my way...."

Well, here I am on my train to London .... just stopping at Newcastle. Unfortunately, GNER wants £2 odd from me for 30 mins WiFi connection, so I won't go online just yet.

Can't imagine I am only now going back to visit London - not taking into account the flight connections at Stanstead or my module 6 last year as it wasn't really a "visit". I haven't been to the capital of UK since I left it in May 1999. Friends have been complaining that I have been visiting them more often when I was living in Germany than now that I am up in Scotland. Scary thought, isn't it?!

On my way to Waverley this morning I was thinking about my sister - she's turning 40 (!!!) this year and I hope that we will be visiting her in December for a quick trip. Unfortunately, we won't be able to go to her birthday party because of the pre-treatment scan for IVF which will be around her birthday as it seems.

Irony of life with me and my sister.... she's a single mum (my nephew is turning 9 in January) and I think she's jealous of me being married in a way. She's not been actively looking for "Mr Right" since she had my nephew, but somehow he doesn't turn up in her life by accident either. I think she's probably so used to be just a "unit" with my nephew that any outsider may find it very hard to get into her life.

On the other hand it's me - married for 5 years now .... but nae chance of a child the natural way. Gosh, life can be unfair, can't it??? Yes, I am a bit jealous of my sis for having a child (by accident), but just a bit. Totally annoyed with all the neds who seem to be breeding like rabbits though!!! Grrrrr!!!

Not sure what brought that on, probably the thinking that it all goes for the 2.5th cycle in December (once ACU can make up their mind ... they're not sure yet whether I am to start injecting in December or January!!!).
Now in Durham - so glad I got free electric point for my notepad at least! ... Twice to England in 2 weeks ... what have I done to deserve this???!?! LOL. And if I'd follow the invite from a couple of the BAFL board members then I'd be going back to Don Valley next weekend as well!!! AAAAAARGH!! But I told Doug already that I won't be going (as much as I'm tempted after BritBowl), I really have to catch up with studying.

Talking of which ... I am going to hit the books for a while now.

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