Saturday, 2 September 2006

Going away drinks after work ...

Mmmh... was a funny one... I had my message about going away drinks passed around the company by one of the main secretaries and kinda expected other people apart from my team mates to turn up - I have been working for the company for 6.5 years after all and thought I got to know a couple more than just the 12 people in my area .... :( :(

Well.. it was just my team mates who turned up (after I have been sitting all by myself for 30 mins). Shame the Crags had again problems with their coffee machine (funny that ... heard the same when I went in the last time, and that was 4 months ago!!! :O ), I quite fancied one of their white hot chocolates...

Anyway, we had lots of fun!!! I knew that neither Lisa nor Heather would turn up because both have little ones to go back to with their DHs either away or busy that day - and Heather is working at the other office at the other end of town anyway.

Wasn't too bad, we had a good natter and people kept buying me WKD Cherry's ... specially when I told them that the one I was just drinking was going to be the last one. *grin*

I had planned to stay only for 2 hours (until 6pm) but in the end I left around 8:55pm!!! Thanks for a fab evening, ladies and gents! Thoroughly enjoyed it!! :) Was able to talk and walk straight (although DH usually suspects that I am totally pished! :( ). Did take aspirin and had something filling and spicy to eat when I got home as well (prevent sickness and migraine the next morning).

My tummy is now shouting for something substantial so I am going to have breakfast now ... :)

Oh... totally forgot - Had a GREAT lunch with my former colleague Emma - went to Metropole and I had a yummie Crayfish Salad!!! And lots of talk again as usual. Thanks for that great lunch, Emma!!!

Now ... off for breakfast ... *grin*


Heather said...

And Heather didn't get an invitation to the leaving do! ;) (But you're right - I wasn't working yesterday and DH was away last night so I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway.)

Glad you had a WKD evening. :) See you on Thursday.

Kat said...

Starting to wonder who Dot forwarded the e-mail to ... thought she did it around the whole company??!?! So sorry!!!

Looking forward to Thursday even more now! :)