Sunday, 3 September 2006

It was a Diversion!!!

The post on Friday about DH, my mum and me going to a Football game!!! :)

It was actually my FIL's secret birthday party... he was going to the Bo'ness Car museum with MIL, BIL and two other relatives while we were meeting with 12 other people at the Bo'ness Railway Museum where we ushered them onto the steam train for a tour - with FIL and Co turning up 5 mins before the train departed.

This was a long planning from my MIL since April, involving us in lots of things and all those LIES!!! LOL. We had a fab day though, and FIL thoroughly enjoyed it - and was very surprised when he saw us all on the train.

Afterwards we went for high tea at the Richmond Park Restaurant/Hotel where the food was very nice - but the service wasn't the best to state it mildly! DH held a speech before food, we had games afterwards (guess the baby photo etc.) and then even did our version of the "Von Trap Family" ...Adamson's family ... sounds a bit like "Adams Family" ... not sure what's worse ... LOL and sang "My Brother Bill (The Fireman's Song) by the Corries with BIL, DH and me going a bit reluctantly up to sing ... ;)

FIL's birthday is not until Tuesday - and we didn't give him his gifts yet (still working on that scrapbook of his!! Well.. finalising it.)

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