Sunday, 17 September 2006

Good old Encyclopedia Britannica!!!

Found some charts in there ... so I will be able to do some bits and bobs. Didn't want to search for Physiology bits as yet ... bit more complicated.

Well.. finally can leave the PC alone and watch "Little Women" (the one with Wynona Ryder) ... didn't realise until a week ago that Christian Bale is "Laurie" :D There you gooooo!!! :)

PS: Just for DH - I loved that version of "Little Woman" for a long time ... nothing to do with Christian Bale (LOL).


Joanne said...

Not sure if this is the kind of charts your were looking for or if these are too simple.

Heather said...

Glad you got the charts yo uneed.

(When I read "Christian Bale" I first thought of/pictured Christian Slater and wondered how I'd missed him!)

sharonfruit said...

I saw a young man on the tube yesterday who looked like a young Christian Bale. The likeness was astounding.

I'd have asked for his number if Graeme wasn't with me ;o)