Friday, 22 September 2006

Trip down to Sheffield

What a trip down!!! We left Edinburgh at 11am and had a fairly nice trip down to Eyemouth, where we dropped off DVDs for a friend of the family who's bedridden just now. Next stop was Alnwick for lunch, but we decided not to visit the gardens because the weather looked like rain and we didn't have enough time really. I told DH I'd rather have him drive relaxed (well... as much as that works!) to Sheffield instead of having him ranting about drivers again etc. Still managed to take a couple of photos of the Treehouse!! :)

And what a good decision the short stop only was! We didn't even get to Newcastle when the rain began - bucketing down!!! And we had Friday afternoon traffic in Newcastle as well ... which seemed to be the standard theme for the whole trip on the A1/M1 ... very bad rain and slow moving/stationary traffic!!! All in all our 4.5 hour trip took us 6 hours in total due to the traffic!!!

We arrived at 7pm at the hotel - which didn't have its own parking, so we decided we'd have to get up early to move the car to avoid paying (true Scots there... LOL).

I'm totally knackered, have taken 4 Co-codamol throughout the day because of thimping headache!! :( Sent DH off to meet with the other BAFL board members to discuss things. Found out that we have RTL on our telly (that's IBIS for you!! ;) ) so will watch some German TV. WiFi doesn't work in our room unfortunately, so will have to post my blog entries once we're back home.

Oh - totally forgot - my boss phoned me when we just nearing Newcastle. She's contacted HR to find out what happened. She did send everything to the correct address, which was the "leavers" information which didn't go directly to our local HR but to the head office of the company. They messed up. My holiday pay will be paid with the next pay day (i.e. 20th October). Will have to look carefully at the payslip as DH suspects they will use wrong taxation etc for it. And they should really pay it earlier as it was their blinking fault!!!! What an incompetent company have I been working for????!!!!

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