Tuesday, 5 September 2006

My mum's away again...

...and I'm sad and glad at the same time. Bah, that sounds nasty ...!!! I like her being here, like visiting her, but this time I felt more obliged to entertain her (even though she never asks for any entertainment) ... and with the whole "working the notice" and big change in my life I think I was just a bit more on the grumpy side and getting more annoyed easily (and DH probably will agree with that ... just with one change .. "WAS???" :o) ).

Anyway, wasn't the easiest holiday we had, probably because I had more days off and still tried to get my FIL's scrapbook done ... and was/am yearning for a DAY OFF!! And of course I didn't get much of a break because of the translating etc. Ah well... "Hab Dich trotzdem lieb, Mutsch!"!!!!

I was working on the scrapbook, my mum was out in town, and DH was on cooking duties for his "famous" (well.. with guests anyway) Philly Cheese Steak in Ciabatta. YUMMM!!!

On 4pm we left to drop off my mum at the airport ... and she confirmed later the night that she arrived safely (LOL). Went to Lidl afterwards and got back in time for DH to watch the CFL (Canadian Football League) for 6 (!!!) hours! :)

You can see a couple of my scrapbook pages here.

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