Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Happy Birthday, Tom!

It's my FIL's birthday today - the real one! :)

We went to the Museum of Flight and also did the "Concorde Experience". That was a fab day, even though the museum doesn't look like much from the outside... like an abandoned military base, which it is after all, with several Hangars and other buildings... :)

It is amazing what a big plane the Concorde is and how small it is on the inside!! Not to mention the loos! :) When you had to get up and the "trolley dolly" came up the aisle you really got to know your fellow passengers better - bet you had to sit on their lap until the trolley had passed!!!

The other Hangars contained War planes in one and Commercial Planes in the other. The German plane (a Messerschmidt Me 163B-1a KOMET) looked more like a bath toy than a plane that could actually FLY!! :)

The first Hangar we visited had collectors planes - including helicopters and sea planes.

After spending a surprisingly long time at the Museum of Flight we returned to my inlaws for a bit and FIL opened his presents. He was really touched by my scrapbook and I think he had actually tears in his eyes. DH thinks the same but we cannot be certain. :)

For dinner we went to Jimmy Chungs, and I overdid it ... again. There's just something with all you can eat Chinese (specially Jimmy Chungs) that make me eat far too much! ;)

At some point fairly early on the lights went out and the "Happy Birthday" tape was played - FIL suspected that it would be for him... but it wasn't. We got him later on though with the "Happy Birthday" music ... LOL. I had that for my birthday last year, all because of DH and MIL. So I DEFINITELY won't go to JC for my birthday do! Embarassing, that's what it is!! ;)

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