Friday, 29 September 2006

I'm in the Big City!!! :)

Arrived save and sound in London - and of course totally forgot how horrible it is to travel with big luggage in the Big City!!! Steps and some of the tube stations and then a couple of steps plus the escalators. TONS of people everyday, handling the tube fares (pretty sure they've gone up since I left for good in May 1999!!). Ticket machines that don't give you change ... the whole lot. But HEY! I made it safe and sound through Kings Cross to the tube station where I stood in line for about 15 mins just to see the sign coming up that it only takes coins - and the next one in line the same! Both had a funny note on them.... "This machine does not accept Scottish Notes" ... now that's a bit harsh, isn't it?? LOL.

Once I got my ticket at the desk I promptly went to the wrong direction of the Piccadilly line (and could have SWORN I went to the West Bound platform!!!) so changed at Caledonian Road (now that's really a sign, isn't it??? ;) ) and finally got to the right station to meet Sharon. Had a nice cuppa tea at one of the little cafe's and a quick read of my Cross Stitch mags.

We had a bit blether all evening through, got Pizza once Graeme got home and the talking went on until midnight. Well... we had a lot to catch up.. online and even phone calls are just not the same!!!

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