Sunday, 17 September 2006

How hard can it be????

Mmmmh... trying to get some anatomy charts off the I-net for my notebook so I can study while on my trips to Sheffield and to London this month without having to carry all my heavy books with me ... but it seems to be a NO GO area?!?! You can BUY all that stuff but there's nothing for free?

Really have to brush up on my muscular system and the joints but the Tortora is a bit big to carry around (you can kill people by just opening it!!) and it also has lots of chapters that are of no interest for me really ....

Does anyone know of any charts or free anatomy/physiology software around? Any tips much appreciated!!!

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sharonfruit said...

I used the Tortora book when I was at uni! It's not exactly portable is it?! You should try the "anatomy colouring book" - I always thought it looked fun :o)