Saturday, 30 September 2006

The Big Stamp Show....

ALLY PALLY DAY!!! Got a budget of £150 and wanted to shop lots!! :)

It took us about 1 hour (?) to get to Wood Green to switch to the coach to Alexandra Palace - but of course that coach just left when we arrived ... and none turned up for about 20 mins. We had one of the standard buses leaving already but decided to get the next one coming around if the coach didn't turn up (which it didn't).

Alexandra Palace is an amazing building! Shame I didn't have enough time to look around (otherwise all the goodies would have gone! ;) ) but I definitely have to go back to have a closer look (Another reason to come back to visit Sharon!! ;) ). The foyer is absolutely stunning with the fountain and all the greenery!

As for "The Big Stamp Show" I was fairly disappointed by the products on offer. For a particular paper craft show I'd expected more, but suppose you cannot have everything (one day I am going to plan my holidays in the USA around a Craft Show, I tell you!). Went around a little to nose around what's on offer and got my first purchase (a Scottish map - slightly incorrect with Inverness being halfway down Loch Ness, but not that dramatic - from Dimension Fourth).

Sharon went out to meet some of her UKS Team members and I went out for a chat with them and then went back in for more shopping.

In the end I did spend my budget (well... I think £20 less) and got the following:

- Scotland Map stamp
- Sizzix & Ellison Catalogues (The Craft Bug)
- Wavey Photo Strip Die (long sizzlits - The Craft Bug)
- Christmas Set Sizzlits with Christmas Pud (The Craft Bug)
- Pumpkin Faces Ellison Thin Cuts (The Craft Bug)
- Thinkable Inkables Christmas
- Swirls Stamps (Banana Frog)
- Medallion Stamp Starter kit
- Japanese Fans Stamp
- Rob & Bob mini clipboards
- Herma Refills & mixed muted Brads
- 5 packs of Halloween buttons (Dress it up)

So yes, I got some things and did hold off with others, but I think I didn't get much from what I had on my shopping list really!!! Sharon was a very good girl!! She got a couple of stamp pads and I think in total she probably spend £45!!!

But yes, we were a little disappointed. But maybe the April one will be better?! I'm planning to get down to London and then fly from there to Frankfurt, but will have to double check this with Doug.

We left Alexandra Palace at around 3pm and then had a nice trip home, eating Belgian chocs we bought at a little stall at Ally Pally! :)

Graeme had bought tiles for the bathroom (really wonder how someone can be allowed to get a flat with THAT bathroom on the renting market!!!) and did his bid to do some DIY which - in my eyes - the Landlord should be paying for - both for the tiles & working hours!!! The bathroom definitely looks better now.

Dinner was yummie again - this time Spaghetti Carbonara and salad. But then - I know that both Graeme and Sharon are good cooks! :)

With a few glasses of wine I surrendered and set up my own Sims on their PC. A snazzy DH with kilt and me being a redhead. LOL. Not tempted to get SIMS2 myself yet though ... I know what happened when I had Sims 1 installed on my PC!!!

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