Saturday, 9 September 2006

A bit over 1 week on

Today was supposed to be my lazy day …. But again that didn’t happen!! First of all I woke up with a stinking headache at 8am and then survived until 10am after putting an ice pack on my forehead.

Later I went downstairs to watch telly while DH was still sleeping … he got to bed very late/early after we had friends over yesterday to watch the NFL game (Dolphins @ Steelers) which lasted until 12:30am. I switched out the light at around 2am and DH must have been up until at least 2:30am. That’s why I let him sleep.

At 11:30am we were ready to go to the Farmers Market at Castle Street - that was the only thing I have been asking for our 5th anniversary … a nice Hog Sandwich and a lazy day. ( So we got our Hog Sandwiches, some super fresh strawberries and some yoghurt drinks which were yummy. Then we went to Lidl to get some more food in and after our shop we found some new toys…. A DLP Projector and a Notebook … those special Sunday only offers. And … well… HAPPY BIRTHDAY / MERRY CHRISTMAS DH (he got the projector) and ME (I got the notebook - which I am using to write this text just now!!! ( ). Very good value for the price.

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