Monday, 14 August 2006

Tomorrow is the big day Part 1

Well... one of the big days I hope to have this year at least.

My resignation is re-typed (had to change a few things from the first one I did but didn't hand in on Tuesday last week) and ready to be handed in tomorrow.

It's 16 working days at that place (working only 4 days a week) minus holidays/plan time days ... wonder if/how many holidays I have left to take but suspect I don't have any more left before I leave ... but I have about 2 plantime days to take, so that's ok.

Calculated for the last day at work to be the 8th September ... that's one day after our wedding anniversary .. now ... that's a coincidence, eh? Needs to be confirmed by HR of course...

Well... am tired ... heading to bed and see what's going to happen tomorrow. Think boss hopes for me to change my mind ... Nae chance!!!!

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jefferyjefferson said...

Hey do they have monster trucks in England? I've never been there so I don't know.