Sunday, 27 August 2006

Gone to Deep Sea World

When you have family or friends staying with you it is usually not avoidable that you become a tourist yourself.

We had planned to go to St. Andrews and East Neuk today - provided the weather is nice of course. However...Scottish weather as it is it looked of course like it's going to rain. So we had the choice between Butterfly World and Deep Sea World.

As my Mutsch can go to Butterfly World by bus we went to Deep Sea World and had a fun day. The conveyor belt in the Tunnel didn't work but this made things even more exciting as we could just stand there and wait for the sharks to swim overhead... ;)

We saw Piranhas, rays (which from below look very scarily like "Cassandra" from Doctor Who. *lol*

And also some "native Scuba Divers" ... :) quite funny, they were swimming about with small nets - we were wondering whether they were picking up roe??

They also had lots of creepy crawlies, but I loved the small frogs in different colours, ranging from yellow over acid green and electric blue to red.

And of course the seal sanctuary, where they had two seals in - very good in swimming on the back under water.

After the visit to Deep Sea World we drove to Dunfermline for a quick visit of St. Margaret's Cave and the old town where we bought some goodies for tea and coffee and then went back home in time to watch the Edinburgh Tattoo 2006 on TV.

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Anonymous said...

We love Deep Sea World. Did'nt get there this time, but usually visit it when we go home. Sounds like your having fun. Enjoy having your mum.

Take care Lydia