Thursday, 31 August 2006

Mum's back from Inverness ... and 2.5 days work to go...

My mum enjoyed Inverness – and has been phoning in every night (I really don’t want to see her mobile phone invoice, but we kept the calls short). She even phoned tonight to confirm that her bus is a bit delayed and that we shouldn’t worry. Have I been a little harsh last week?? LOL.

Glad she enjoyed it though – and it seems the weather was nice up north as well, even though fairly windy. She’s been to Culloden again but hasn’t been searching for Nessie this time.

The last 2 days for me was mostly working (my boss was off, but my plans were just crammed in with stuff!!), coming home, cooking dinner, eating and then kinda falling into bed after checking my e-mails. I am not sleeping well lately, sleep like a log but feel totally tired/exhausted when I wake up. Might be the stress about the decision to quit.

If that doesn’t change soon I may think about going to a sleep clinic. My dad has sleep apnia and while I don’t think that’s something that is inheritable I would like to find out WHY I am so knackered after enough hours of sleep….

Oh … my mum arrives safely at home!! *grin*

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