Sunday, 20 August 2006

Arrrghh!!! Sinusitis!!

Hah! Not the best time to get that, eh? My mum is coming on Wednesday - so tomorrow will be a lot of steaming and then probably going for a swim instead of the gym.

Hurts nastily, and I look like a chipmunk and my cheeks are red (inflammation). Didn't go to training today because of that and feel bad about it.

Have been doing some steam ironing today (apparently helps ... or so DH says... GRIN) and will have another ibuprofen after dinner. Hopefully it's going to be a short term one only - I should get used to sinusitis - have them at least once a year!!!

Tomorrow I am housebound from 9 - 6pm anyway because I have to wait for our microwave to be exchanged ... will do some housework and then do some crafting (think I am allowed that, mmmh? ).

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