Wednesday, 9 August 2006

It's a no - or maybe not???

Ok ... my boss told me this morning that the decision is "No". They would have to employ a new person and train him/her from scratch. Not feasible. Doesn't work with the headcount or budget.

Ah... mmmmh... where's the logic there? If I am going (and both my boss and her boss are aware of the options for me!!!) they'd have to do that anyway? And I am sure they can get a temp for 5 months? Even me saying that I'd be happy to be back to 4 days a week once I have my diploma doesn't change anything.

And then she told me I have to fill in a "Work options form" ... so a form to apply for what I have applied verbally for. And I (!!!) have to provide information how my boss can manage my reduced hours? Gosh, I knew my company is getting weird! First normal employees are doing some controls the boss is supposed to do and now that!!! What are the team leaders doing? Why are they higher graded than us if we have to do this????

Well.. that form goes to senior management and then HR ... or so I think... doubt they will change their minds but you never now ....

Can't believe I have been crying after the talk with my boss.... for goodness sake, I wanted to leave the company for a good few years now and hate my job, so why crying? I should be happy and laughing and all that ....

Assume it's just because it'd be a change in my life .... humans being creatures of habits and all that ....

DH suggested that I should paint my face blue on Friday if I get a "NO" from them and shout "FREEDOM" .... mmmh... no!

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