Friday, 25 August 2006

LOST... A grown adult, 61 years, female ...

non-native English speaker ....

Geeessshhh... just had a hard attack averted ... now I know how parents feel!!!

I booked a megabus trip for my mum to Perth and told her that she'll have to take the bus from P&R to the city centre and the other way back.

My mum's English is fairly good, she's been on the MacBackpackers tours twice now for a weekend each, she's been to Las Vegas with 2 of her friends (whose English is about the same level as hers) earlier this year and she usually gets around.

Anyway, she was supposed to arrive at Edinburgh at 6:30pm today (which would have gotten her home by about 7 - 7:30pm). By 8pm my mum was still not here and I got fairly worried ... tried to phone megabus (and guess what - their line's not manned after a certain time I think!!) and DH in the end phoned Perth Police at 8:05pm - just to check if anyone collapsed or had an accident. Well... they confirmed that no person was taken to the hospital ... but ... there's a traffic jam on the road to Edinburgh and that could have held up the bus.

When my mum returned at 8:20pm I had a funny feeling in my tummy and I am sure I gained a couple more grey hairs!!!! It's just the foreign language and being at a new place (and that stupid P&R system with megabus in Perth!!!!!) that got me worried ... probably should have known she wouldn't have any trouble and would have phoned us if she needed help ...of course our Onetel box played up again today - which meant nobody could have left a message on our answer machine and my mum left her new mobile here - and I phoned her old number and always got the mailbox. These 3 factors just added to my worries!!!

Anyway... she's back, all happy and sore feed from walking around Perth etc... and in bed now.

And I think I'll be going to bed now as well, have to get my (still increased) heart rate down!

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