Saturday, 19 August 2006

Crop, meeting a friend, a Chinese Buffet and a Fringe Event (again) ...

Busy Saturday!!!

First I went to the monthly Edinburgh Crop and had lots of fun (and even got some pages for FIL's album done!!! ). Did abstain the lures of shopping at Stampers Grove - didn't even buy ribbon!! :)

Sharon arrived at the crop - she came up from London to empty her flat and we agreed to meet up and go for dinner. As I thought she may like Rob Deb's fringe event I told her about it and I think she was very keen to go and see him.

We had a good natter at her flat before her BF and his pal turned up with the van - and not only natter but also a good bitch about life etc. Just normal girl talk then? ;)

After a couple of phone calls we arranged with DH and Nick to meet up at Jimmy Chungs for dinner and take it from there - and then I played "General Kat" ... being bossy and typical German (???) and forced the 3 to start packing some boxes before we went out for dinner ... that's efficiency, and I think DH's behaviour is catching... OOOPS!

Lots of fun at dinner and lots of food ... realised that Sharon, her BF and his pal still had a lot to pack and all 3 looked fairly tired, so we decided to let them go back to the flat and we would go to see Rob again.

Hugging Sharon goodbye was hard and I nearly started the waterworks on the way to The Jekyll & Hyde ... weird situation!!! I mean, I only know her for 1.5 years but she is even dearer to me than my other friends here ... Probably because we're very alike in person (although she prefers skirts and I am a trouser person... lol).

I am going to plan my trip to London soon - I am going to visit Sharon end of September so we can go to Ally Pally together... :) Very much looking forward to that!!!

Rob's show was funny again and had a couple new lines in it (so he's flexible!!). He had a fairly tough crowd though, poor guy. I am sure DH and I will go and see him again with a couple of DH's work mates and some Wolves players who are comic fans.

If you want to go and see Rob you'd better hurry... His show is finishing soon!

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