Wednesday, 30 August 2006


That's the days I have still left to work ... and somehow my boss seems to try to cram everything she can think of into these short 3.5 days.

Have spoken to two colleagues about the real reason why I am leaving (boss didn't want to shed a bad light on the company I believe so she didn't mention that I offered to work 2 days until February when we announced my leaving to the team) and they are totally shocked and don't understand the reasoning behind the management letting me go. They just see that one of them is actually having a bigger operation next year and is probably signed off for 2-3 months. Then we have one person working on a project until end of this year at least .... Again.... I don't understand why the company couldn't help me out here with 5 months of 2 days only, but there you go.

Currently browsing jobsites to find out if there's anything for 14 hours per week for me ... we'll see.

Mutsch phoned, she's doing fine, no problems, she's enjoying Inverness. Glad that there wasn't any trouble finding her B&B etc. She'll be back tomorrow evening, probably around 9:30pm.

Off to check more websites....

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