Friday, 11 August 2006


ARRRGHHH!!!! After all that delay with the form etc (yes... because team leader's boss wasn't in yesterday!) all I get in the end is a "No, we cannot accomodate your reduced hours because of 'detrimental impact on customer satisfaction' (or something along those lines .... would have to check the form to get it right!). How CRAP is that???

I have been with this company for 6.5 years, have been holding of handing in my notice for the last 4 but that's not the point just now. All I have asked for was to have 5 MONTHS of 2 days a week work!! Would have gone back to 4 days a week once I had my diploma.... WTF!!!!

Once I got the news from my boss I contacted my union rep and spoke to them and HR for about 45 mins. But they couldn't suggest anything else. It's a NO and because I cannot go up to 3 days or even 2.5 days (that would be stupid as my travel time to and from work is 1 hour each way - during Festival, i.e. now, up to 1.5 hours!!!) there's no chance for me. The only thing is to hand in my notice. I said to my boss that I may be back in February applying for my job but ... why should I??? With me handing in my notice I am giving up my Final Salary Pension Scheme. I would be a new start and as such would do the Purchase Pension Scheme.

They don't really do much to keep employees happy ... with a career break I would have to resign first as well, so I would give up on the Final Salary Pension as well.

Apparently my free shares and sharesave need to get cashed in now as well when I hand in my notice (haven't checked on the Life Cover Insurance yet)... my boss asked me if I am going to change my mind now with that information. ... ERRRR..... ***NO*** Why should I? The diploma course is paid for. If I don't do it now I may have to wait 5 years to do it again (next IVF starts in December, if that's positive I'd have to wait until kiddies are 3 or 4 before I could study again properly!!!).... NOT AN OPTION!!!!

Gosh, I am so mad at them!!! And I still don't see the logic. They are losing one of the 4 most versatile people in the team. Plus a specialist in monthly/yearly jobs (monthly/yearly tax, family income benefit inserts/monthly runs) and the champ for compliance, Potential Loss, stationery ....

The union reps said that they cannot understand their decision either, specially as it would take probably 3 months to get a replacement for me - a total rookie who needs to be trained again (and we have already 3 people on the team who only do amendments and easy correspondence!!! They are with the team between 1.5 years and 5 months). Why the crap couldn't they give me the 5 months? That's all I wanted??? Everyone is talking about "loyalty to your employer" .. well... it doesn't really work the other way, does it?

The only reason why they let me go down to 4 days and no phones was because of THEIR agenda ... they couldn't afford to lose me as a "working horse" ... but now I went a step too far for their liking? Didn't they like the fact that I have to go through IVF, need time off for that and then may be pregnant in 6 months time? (Maybe I have been listening to DH's conspiracy theories a little too often????!!!! :o But what else should I think, mmmmhhhh????)

Okay... and why do I bother? I wanted to leave the company 4 years ago, why do I care??? It's what I wanted in the first place and what was the plan in the first place ....

Mmmh... I think it's the German brain kicking in... you just don't hand in your notice

- without a new job
- when losing your Final Salary Pension
- when losing free shares

Can someone please give me a good kick and tell me that it is the right time and right thing to do????

I'm going to hand in my notice on Tuesday, no matter what ... I know it's the only time I can do it (with IVF and studying and diploma) but it's still worrying ... and I think part of me is just totally gobsmacked that they cannot accomodate 5 measly months of 14 hrs per week after I have been working for them for 6.5 years!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kat. Don't worry hun - you did the right thing for you. I'm sorry things didn't work out as you'd planned.

4 years ago I handed in my notice after 6 years with a company - like you I didn't have a new job lined up, I left a Final Salary Pension scheme and lost free shares. You know what, it was part of the plan and has worked out fine!

Enjoy the stress-free days, and time for studying for your diploma.


Joanne said...

Kat hope your feeling better today and that you manged to go through with handing in your notice.

just think of all the extra time you'll have for studying :-)and occasional scrapping