Friday, 18 August 2006

My first Fringe Event!!

... And Yes, I have been living in Edinburgh for 7 years now .... ;) Usually DH and I avoid the city centre during festival time like the plague - far too many people and lots of bustling about - it's more like a wrestling match to get through the streets!!

We had booked tickets for Michael Moore a couple of years back but he had to cancel his show because his mother died.

ANYWAY ... we did go straight from work to meet with Nick at The Jekyll & Hyde which is on the best way to becoming my favourite pub in Edinburgh!!! We nipped across the street to Garibaldi's for food (mexican - very nice) and to talk to one of our players who works there.

Food was very good (thanks, Seb!) and afterwards we went back to The Jekyll & Hyde to have a few drinks and then attend our first fringe event (free as well!!). I had 2 of the Seven Sins cocktails - yummie!!!

But food and drink aside (lol) ... we saw "Rob Deb - From Krypton to Clapham" (and yes, as the title already suggests there are some comic book references - ergo perfect for DH!!! And for me ;) ).

I have to say Rob is VERY good!! And anyone who is just a little bit interested in comic books should really go and see his show!!
I think it was hillarious (and found out that I am a "fanboy/geek in disguise"!) and think we will go and see it again.

With the free fringe events the entertainer asks for donations at the end of his gig - today Rob has given all the money he made to Nick for his walk (they're friends). So that was very nice of him!

Well.. off to bed now ... was a long day today!

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