Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Craft Shopping..

I went shopping to Perth!!

Took the Megabus (£5.50 return - cannot complain ... it's cheaper than a cheap day return to Linlithgow by train!!!) to have my first trip to "Scrapbox Studio" and "Stampaholics".

The ride up to Perth was nice - fairly short (A little less than 1.5 hrs?) and we had gorgeous weather, so I had a stroll around Perth City Centre and along the River Tay.

Then had lunch and went to do some serious damage to my credit card (well... or so I expected). Everyone was talking about the gorgeous papers etc at the Scrapbox ... but somehow I only spent around £45 there ... and most of that was for my FIL's album anyway. Think I am just not fitting in the current patterned paper trend (retro style or pink!!!).

Then went to Stampaholics and got the HOTP 8x8 Wedding Paper, Heritage Cardstock and Heritage Paper packs...they didn't have a Skeleton key stamp. :(

All in all I wasn't too impressed with the Scrapbox shop ... expected more. So... Theresa can be rest assured that she will still get my custom ... specially with Memory Avenue having moved back to Linlithgow now ... ;)

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