Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Counting down ... 4.5 days to go....

And somehow I seem to have to put off things every day at work ... my list for the daily plans is getting longer - have a meeting with my boss on Thursday about that (i.e. trying to figure out what we can leave out etc.).

So - I am off on Friday definitely ... that's my 0.7 days from my holidays .... how do they manage that, calculation-wise? I know it has something to do with the fact that I am only working 4 days a week, but still... during our calculation with holidays left etc. we had at some point 15.02 (how did that happen?????).

Friday off and Thursday seems to be a 1/2 day. And I already made a date with my friend Heather (and maybe Lisa, still to check for availability) for lunch at the other office building. Last supper ... LOL.

Enjoying the first of 3 days without my mum ... she's off to Inverness (and yes, she arrived ok - got a phone call from her... ;) ) on her own. Sounds really bad to have that feeling after 1 week and I tried to figure out what the problem is (apart from me living on my own or with boyfriend (ex and pre-hubby)/husband since I am 18!)... and I think it's the translation thing.

I am not getting a break - when I am in the room both DH, his family (if we are with them) and my mum take it for granted that I am on constant "translator duty" ... but if I am not there they manage fine. It's just so tiring at times, feels like working overtime all the time.

So ... sorry, DH and mum, but I just said it as it is. Phew....

Plans for this week - tomorrow DH and I are planning to go to the cinema (not sure which movie), Thursday is another day catching up with things and Friday is my last Friday at work, so I am going to the pub and see who's coming to join me for a couple of drinks (will only stay for 2 hours max because of my mum being back from Inverness).

Saturday we hope for good weather so we can finally go to St. Andrews and East Neuk ... my mum (and I for that matter) LOVES beaches. She's always going to Portobello or Musselburgh at least once each trip! :)

Sunday is football and Monday my mum will be flying back home in the evening. Depending on the weather we're probably trying to do the rest of the Water of Leith walk (Saughton Park up to Juniper Green - or as far as we get). We'll see...

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