Thursday, 3 August 2006


Well.. had my 2nd observation day today ... first one was on Monday - where I turned up at 10:30am just to be told that the appt was cancelled and if I could come back at 2pm. DH and I used the time in between to see "CARS" (very good movie, very funny!!! Can only recommend it!!).

Had 1.5 hours on Monday (i.e. 3 appts) and 2 hours today (2 appts with 1 hour break in between). It was very interesting how Caroline and Jenefer handled the patients. Osteopathy is not really Sports Therapy but the whole interaction was helping as I am getting some experience with the Wolves Players anyway and they know me already for a while so are not really "strangers" for me to deal with.

Have a break next week and then will be back with Caroline on 7th August for a bit again. Time to hit the books ... Jenefer put me on the spot with a question regarding a nerve (location etc.) and I totally blocked ... well.. haven't touched my books since January and lots of other thing on my mind .... I really need September to January off work... or just with 2 days working per week.

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