Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tired - but found a new green oasis in Edinburgh!

Well.. new to me that is! :) Got up early this morning after a fitful sleep and got to ERI in time for the appointment. Went to the wrong place first (why do they have Day Surgery/Day Patients in a different section of the hospital than the OP - Out patients???) but still managed to find the place ok. ;)

Heather - reason for the sleep clinic is that DH is worried as I seem to stop breathing from time to time, and as my dad has sleep apnea and I hardly ever have a restful sleep my GP thought it couldn't harm. Assessment showed that I am not a typical sleep apnea patient, so I am going to get a machine at some point in the next 4 weeks or so to take home and monitor my sleep for one night. And then we will see what the result is and take it from there.

After the appointment I went to Lisa to drop off the crop prizes/tea & coffee stuff/kitty and had a wee natter. Was quite funny, specially as Archie is really a handful now! ;)

As it was still early when I left I decided to pop up to the Royal Observatory to take a photo of it - been close to it a couple of times but never really drove up.
Parked outside and had a walk around Blackford Hill - gorgeous views! FAB! Yet another green oasis in Edinburgh I've never been to before. Think I will have to come back with my DSLR at some point to take more photos. And now I want to go to Craiglockhart Hill ... it looked nice from Blackford Hill.

Oh ... and I just realised I haven't set the date on my new camera yet!! ;)

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Latharia said...

What a wonderful set of circumstances to lead you to such a fabulous spot!!