Monday, 16 March 2009

New Toy!!

After BIL's camera was giving up on me middle of February (zapping Batteries like there's no tomorrow!) I first decided to get my mobile contract changed to the LG Renoir (with a 8mp camera) but DH decided against it (it's his contract afterall... and I really don't NEED all the stuff the £25 would give me - only a GPS (for geocaching? Not sure if they work for that) and apart from that it would be £10 more than my current contract!! ). So when we got the offers flyer from Aldi for this week we found this...

However, that is only coming out on Thursday ... and I just wanted a new small camera NOW!! (you know how that works!! ;) )

And then I found this:
Available there and then! And while I am not the girly girl I quite liked the Butterfly. :) And it's probably the only "bling" DH is going to buy me. ;) It's really slimline, got "smile recognition" (i.e. it takes 3 photos as soon as it recognises a smile!) and it does focus on max 5 faces in a group shot - with the faces not having to be beside each other. Haven't gotten used to it yet - haven't had a "point & shoot" (with zoom - granted) camera since I was about 17 ... :D Taking BIL's camera out of the equation of course (which had easier programs than this one). I'm more a SLR person.

But ... what I've read in the instructions so far I like... ;) And it's easier to take along than lugging my DSLR with me (even with only the 50mm lens) or trying to take photos with my 2mp phone.


PS: Both cameras are effectively the same ... although Aldi Sued (in Germany) had the 10mp version on sale from February 2009 ... ah well... doesn't matter!! ;)

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