Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm kinda exhausted...

Went to RIE in the morning to sign the usual paperworks for my hysteroscopy and to hopefully get a date for the OP itself. It didn't start well with the X48 having problems and us having to switch buses on the bridges ... and then I had to wait about 20 mins at RIE ... wonder why they don't just let you sign at the front desk??? Then I was herded to the gyno section (brilliant ... preggers women at any stage ... wahey!! >:( ) to wait for someone with the calendar for the OPs... fortunately I was sitting in the smaller waiting area where there was only the odd person completing a questionnaire, but still ... not the section someone who is going through infertility wants to be placed. ... and guess what ... I was waiting there for about an hour too!!!

At last I was provided with a date and they will contact me with pre-op stuff etc (dont' know any time yet). Or is the 2 April the date for the pre-op stuff??? BETTER NOT!!! :(

During the waiting time I called work to arrange for my work day today to be switched for Friday as I could guess I would only arrive at work at lunchtime... and didn't fancy working past 6pm!

Got home and as it was sunny I decided to give our back lawn the first "haircut" of the season! ;) THAT took ages (and my back hurts!) ... the grass was sooo long as we couldn't cut it since last year November ... either it was raining/frosty or we were at work when it was nice weather. :o

While I was at it I planted the 3 small fruit bushes (1 gooseberry, 1 Red currant, 1 Blackberry) in a sunny spot, had a look at the dwarf rhodies (looking good, have already buds) and my blueberry bush (looking good, too - think I will get a better harvest this year!!). And as I was already out with dirty hands I planted my seed potatoes in the barrel & the potato growing bag. PHEW!!!

For the rest of the day I will put my feet up ... well... will cook dinner and maybe/hopefully do the CJ entry.

And while I have my feet up I will look into my gardening mags (BBC's "Easy Gardening" - really a shame they discontinued it after 2(?) years! It was my fav gardening mag) and do maybe some planning. :)

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