Friday, 27 March 2009

Here's proof of crafting lately!! :)

Here's what I've done the last week ... 1 CJ entry plus 3 cards. Currently trying to get my head around the Chinese Whisper (sorry, ladies - I WILL have it ready and e-mailed to Pauline this evening!!) and wouldn't be allowed to post it here anyway. :o

The theme for the CJ is "The most important people in my life" and there they are ... there are lots more important people in my life, but I had to pick some who are more important than others ... so sorry to all the others. :o

I've also changed my Playlist to the right to stop playing automatically ... there were some people who've discussed that in forums and I had to take into account people who can read my blog at work (you lucky so and so's!! ;) ). And in the past it has annoyed me a little when I had other music running on the PC and then the playlist on my blog kicked in ... so just press "play" if you want to listen. :)

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