Monday, 23 March 2009

Got a new phone ...

I've got a new phone ... and unfortunately used it's options a bit already - which means I have to pay around £5.50 more when the March invoice arrives ... new contract only kicks in next month. :( Ah well... should think I should manage that.

I've also moved my paperwork in a more stable box (was in a cardboard box from IKEA for the last 1/2 year and that was pushed and pulled so much that it fell apart ... really have to go through that box soon to file and shred ... have already put stuff in the recycling paper bag while I was moving it over). Did that because I was searching for the bank statements for the Junior team. :o

Then I decided to go through my women's mags (I somehow have an urge to buy "Essentials" or/and (ooops!) "Prima" from time to time.... used to be fairly regular but have cut down a bit now) - have pulled out some recipes/sowing stuff/gardening stuff and have now handed the rest off to my GP and dentist. At that point I found out that our recycling point was removed ... so "lugged" the bag of plastic bottles with me for no good reason (large bag... not a small shopping bag). Really annoying, you want to do your bit with the recycling and then they move the points away!! :( Ah... if only we would have the yellow bags like in Germany. SOOO much easier. UK is really behind with the concept of recycling.

Anyway... that was my start on spring cleaning I think... decluttering. Next I'll have a go on scrapbooking/card making stuff, probably will put up most of my mags for sale... got lots of "Making Memories" issues here from couple of years ago and I haven't had a looksie at them in ages. Stopped buying them anyway.

Oh... and my "PaperCrafts" arrived today! Great! CK March is still missing, so I will have a look later on Ebay or UKS to get it for less ... not happy with CK though about that. They promised I'd get a replacement by March 17 and now I will probably get the reply "was sold out - we'll extend your sub by a month". Specially the March one was interesting as it has supposedly organising tips in it! :(

Mmmh... going to read the "PaperCrafts" now and then I'll finish the CJ entry and get everything packed to send off to Anke.


Joanne Cowie said...

wow you've been busy! I've not even started thinking about spring cleaning yet.

Anam_Kihaku said...