Saturday, 14 March 2009

I survived Alien Wars!!!

... And I've got the T-shirt to prove it. ;)

DH asked me some weeks back if I am available on the 14th March to go to Alien Wars. It was sold to me to a bit "jumpy" and "Aliens" ... not much more. It's an early birthday present for BIL. So stupid me said "Well, why not?".
Then I decided to check online what it is all about ...THIS MORNING!! And I didn't like the description a little bit!! Told DH I might not come along, am concerned with the strobe lighting causing problems with my migraine (well, actually ... it's only UV lighting that's the problem) etc. And I admitted - I am blimming scared! ;) Got the usual "Ah, won't be that bad - and we have a tradition to bring someone new every time we go".

Got to the "The Arches" in Glasgow (interesting building!) and I forced myself to do it ... heart in throat and all that before we even started!! And then we got into a group with 4 little girls and their mom!! And I mean about 10-12 year olds! So I thought "Ah, can't be that bad" ... that was until we got out of the briefing room and I was picked to open the first door ... still ok, no problem. But then ... first Alien encounter. SCAAAARY!!! ;) Screaming a bit, but then I had that out of my system ... but it really revved up my Pulse, I tell you!!! Nowhere near DH, first at the head of the group, then for the rest of it behind the girls ... who cannot RUN!! And there was a lot of shouts to "MOVE!!!"

While my pulse was still up (and was until about 2 hours later to calm down the adrenaline! LOL!) - I enjoyed it. Screamed only at the first alien encounter (FAB costumes!!) but was still jumpy at the rest. :) Did I tell you that I don't like stuff like that? Not too keen on the "serious" hounted house ("Geisterbahn") things ... Even Disney's "Hounted Mansion" has me jumping ... when they get their staff to do things ... not the animatronic things. ;) So DH already said - once we were in the queue for the briefing room "You will hate me for that!!". So ... I made him buy me the T-shirt afterwards. He's usually fairly stingy in things like that. ;)

Would I go again? Mmmmmh.... maybe ... They say it's "everchanging". And now that we were told they have extend the stay in Glasgow until end of August, I think we're planning on bringing some Wolves out there. ;)

And yes ... they used to have Alien Wars back in 1990s in Glasgow - both DH and BIL have been back then, but it's definitely different now (apparently). I wonder if they have cut it short because we had the little girls with us???

Preview from BBC:

And the teaser for 2008

NOT for the faint hearted - but still... go if you think you can handle it!! ;)

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