Monday, 9 March 2009

Sunny Monday

Well... more or less... it's changing quite fast, so I assume we've got strong winds outside (it definitely was stormy yesterday, both my dwarf rhodies are fallen over - really consider taking them out of the pots and plant them into the ground. :(

Currently taking a break from doing some housework ... done the washing up, put on/empty the dishwasher and currently got the 2nd Wolves wash going. Also have done some ironing. The weather is still too cold to hang the washing outside I think, but it's still nice to see the sun out.

Went to training yesterday and had a weird day, weather-wise. We woke up to about 1 inch of snow on the car plus slush on the street, but sun was shining and everything was ok. On our way to JKC the sky got really grey and suddenly we were in a small blizzard!! Got to JKC and the sun was shining and hardly any snow on the ground. During Junior training we had our 2nd small blizzard ... and during adult training the 3rd. :o DH was really worried how to get up the big hill to our house - but when we got home all was clear! WEATHER!!! 8/

Got some pulling pain since yesterday ... think my Endo is flaring up again - hope it's "just" the endo and not the cyst. Really could do without that one growing again! Decided to buy some books at Borders including "Endometriosis for Dummies". Flicked through it during the film session at training and really am still concerned that the clinic isn't going to look into my condition after they diagnosed me with severe endo. They didn't check how far it is spread/what organs are affected (did you know you can have endo in your brain????). It's like "yep, we know you got it, but that's about it!". Really doesn't work with my "German" brain!!! :(

Sitting currently with a heat pack here - maybe need to take a paracetamol soon. :( Off to read my Creating Keepsakes APRIL issue (March never turned up ... and Februar's was very late - only got it end of February!) - was told by CK Media that the March issue should arrive by 17th March ... Not happy with that - it's the second time the mag arrives late (or maybe not at all!) - later than in the shops! Surely direct subscribers should receive their mags BEFORE everyone else???? I am aware of the problems CK Media has at the moment, but still.... :( There are enough girls on UKS who actually got an e-mail stating that the March issue was sold out and they would extend their subscription at the end - considering that their sister mag "Simple Scrapbooks" has folded ... not very assuring, mmmmh???

Quite incoherent topics, but my brain is just going a bit overdrive right now. Sorry! :0

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