Friday, 13 March 2009

1st CJ entry done.. :)

There you go, one CJ down, one more to go (and I was told the next one is on its way).

Another German CJ, topic this time was "Selbstportrait" (Self-Portrait).

Left hand side:

Right hand side with my current favourite photo of me (thanks, Pauline!!!):

The next one's called "The most important person in my life". I hope to get that done tomorrow or Sunday so I can send it to Anke on Monday.


Dörte said...

Schöner Eintrag !!! Und las dich nicht zu sehr stressen - wir machen das alle weil wir "SPASS" daran haben und wenn es dann mal länger dauert ist es kein Problem !!! Ich hoffe es geht dir gut und hey Gratulation zum Meilenstein ;o))

Heather said...

Hurrah - you got a CJ entry done. I like the photo montage - did it take ages to find and re-size the photos?

And the photo Pauline took of you is great!