Thursday, 26 March 2009

Change of plans...

I planned to go down to Doncaster with DH tomorrow for the BAFL (British American Football League) AGM. Really was looking forward to it, as it meant I would be able to see my friends from Britbowl again.

However, last Sunday after training the rubber "grommets" holding the exhaust on our car up have dissolved and we heard it scraping on the road from time to time. DH got new "grommets" and fixed them this week - I went to the garage today to make sure all is fixed ok and we're safe to drive down.

They had the car up, the exhaust was fixed ok .. however, we've got another problem which needs new parts and it wouldn't be safe to drive long distances.

So we're back to DH going down by train and me staying up here.... :(

Have I ever told you I begin to HATE OUR CAR???? This year already we had the battery being flat (new one in now), the spring on one of the wheels needing replaced as it was broken (found out prior to MOT and fixed), the exhaust hanging down again (we have a history with that - it's a Laguna problem - or at least up to P reg I think) and now THAT!!! ARRRRGGGGH!!!!

Good side of things? I can SCRAP MY HEART OUT on Saturday... although I really would like to meet my friends again ... won't see them until Britbowl (end of September) now. :(

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sharonfruit said...

Time for a new car by the sound of it! Try to have some quality "me" time at home :o)

S xx