Thursday, 5 March 2009

A little productive

Earache still there, but have been up and about since 9am as our friend John has been fixing our car (he took it to the MOT last week and they suggested we do some fixing). Done the washing up, some ironing and have currently the 2nd wash on.

So ... not too bad, considering I am not feeling 100%. Weather is a bit weird today as well ... was grey when I woke up, then around 11am it started to snow (was fairly cold too) and now we have sunshine, no snow and possibly still fairly cold.

My earache is weird - it's not a constant pain, just very dull and suddenly a very sharp pain. :( Don't like that at all.

If I am not going to get the CJs done today I'll do it tomorrow - don't have to keep anyone company then. :)

Also, met up with Dawn for a cuppa yesterday after work and we had a good natter about treatments etc. We both getting to the point to look into other options, like other tests etc which EFREC cannot provide. Lots of things to read up and check. I've got 2 people already telling me that endo can cause implantation problems (which, let's face it, seems to be our only problem with our IVF cycles). The NK (Natural Killer) cell count is higher in endo sufferers, so that may be a problem.

So, I am currently reading up a lot again on that stuff... :o


sharonfruit said...

NK cells?! Wow, you're talking my language there ;o) I thought they could give immunoglobulin to lower NK cell counts in women who have miscarriages etc?

S xx

Latharia said...

Good luck on your cycling!!!! I hope everything aligns just right!