Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Reached 1st WW "Milestone"!!!

Today I reached my first milestone at the Weight Watchers weigh in!! :) I lost a total of 10 lbs since I started (that's about 6 weeks ago I think)!!! And I lost 3 lbs this week (that means I got the stupid 2lbs down I gained last week, plus an extra pound!!). Soooo pround of myself. :) And I am only 4 lbs short of a stone!!

Think WW works for me because I can enjoy chocolates/crisps as long as I build it into my daily points. Havent' been back to the gym yet, so wonder if I will gain muscle mass again... :o We'll see. Pulled a muscle in my shoulder this morning (still in pain really, but feeling better after a hot bath) so don't think I'll go to the gym tomorrow but am planning on going on Friday.

Also will be doing some scrapping tomorrow. :) HAVE to get those CJs done ... I am already feeling really bad for having them for 3 months now! :o But ... life wasn't really the best in Q1 of 2009!! :(

Oh ... bought a new travel book ... "Flight free Europe" from the TimeOut Travel guides. Now I just wish DH would take some time out from the Wolves from time to time to have some weekends away or so. I quite like the idea of travelling by train to Italy etc. as well... reminds me of my childhood holidays to (then) Yugoslavia (today's Croatia) - we took the car, left around 4am and I was sleeping in the car on my big pillow! :) It was always camping as well ... I never stayed in a hotel until I was 12 I think. :)

That's part of my "Everywhere" of Shim's class I think. :) Planning on doing some "There" layouts tomorrow or Friday too. Hopefully my mojo won't leave me alone again.

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Joanne Cowie said...

Well Done on your 1st milestone!!