Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Not sure why that is... maybe because it's getting dark at 3 (!!!) pm already? Or because I am dealing with one of the most complex work "queues" on the 2 days at work? I am behind with my blog, am very much behind with the Christmas Journal (yep, guess what *I* will be doing on Saturday at the crop?!?!?!) and am JUST in time with the Christmas cards. :o

I feel like a cold is coming along and I think I suffer from SAD a bit ... :(

Have been taking a "leave of absence" from my girls at the FF Forum - there have been soooo many "BFP"s (Big Fat Positives) over the last 1/2 year and I just can't help but getting envious and bitter about things. Just thinking that we've been "in the mill" for 5 years and all I got so far was 1 blimming 5-week-pregnancy. Others have their first ever IVF and fall and STAY pregnant!!! Ah ... sorry ... it's sitting deeper than I thought, have been keeping the brave face for a long while with lots of help for the others, but think I am at breaking point and just CAN'T anymore. Will probably be back in May when we're back in the works.

Will be posting back dated posts over the next couple of days, including the Advent Calendar from the SBS Forum.


Heather said...

Big {hug}, Kat. It must be so hard wanting a baby so much and having to wait so long.

Dörte said...

Ich drück dich auch mal ganz ganz feste ... las deinen Frust ruhig mal raus ... das gehört dazu !! Ich kann dich verstehen ... 8 Jahre und KEINEN hauch von schwanger ... nichtmal ein bisschen das FRUSTRIERT halt !!! Und gerade zu Weihnachten ist es meiner Meinung nach besonders schwer !!! ALSO "DRÜCK-KNUDDEL-QUETSCH" !!!!!!