Friday, 7 December 2007

Productive day so far

... unfortunately all Housework!!! :)

Our ex-lodger & friend is coming to stay with us this weekend - even though his ferry from Orkney left 5 hours later than anticipated. So I've been doing a quick (emergency?) clean of the main bathroom and the spare bedroom.

I've also been putting on 2 washes, done the washing up and cleared one of the cupboard for the electrician to get better access to our dishwasher.

The guy actually turned up at 11:30am, had about 15 mins pressing buttons etc. and then declared the draining pump as DEAD. Avoid anything "made in China" - he said that China has bought scrap metal from the UK and US in the last couple of years, done something with it and then returned the goods to us. Unfortunately this includes our Kenwood integrated dishwasher (I NEVER had problems with Kenwood in the past). So he's going to get the headquarters to order a replacement pump. This usually takes up to 10 days ... so there's still hope that I get this sorted before Chrimbo!!! :D

I mean, I know that White Goods are not build to last anymore (usually 3 year turnaround from experience!) but to last only 7 months is a bit rich!! Ah well, at least it's still within guarantee so don't have to pay a penny (just have to make sure I get my work days shuffled if need be for the pump to be replaced).

Quick update on the advent calendars ... the Scrap Calendar got this nice wrapped pressie from NADINE in it. LOVE the idea with the cinnamon stick - but is that not very expensive to get 12 cinnamon sticks? Or do I just shop in the wrong places????? :o

The girls from the SBS Forum have actually asked for photos from the "Wartelistenkalender" (13 members only) and wondered whether we can set up a blog for it like Iris did for the main Calendar (25 members) here. So I've registered the blog already with Blogger and am going to play with it tomorrow unless someone else is quicker. :)

My tea today is "Mandarine-Vanille-Joghurt" (Clementine-Vanilla-Yoghurt). Wonder when I will be able to drink that. Tomorrow is the last tea for a bit until I get the parcel from my Mutsch ... so may have to catch up for a bit! :)


Heather said...

Good luck getting the diwshwasher fixed soon!

Dörte said...

Hi ... wollte nur mal kurz nen kleinen Gruß hier lassen ... und mitteilen, dass ich jetzt auch sowas in der Art wie "PUFO" bin ... hatte heute meine 4. IUI !! Drück mir mal die Daumen ... DANKE !!

Lisa said...

what a nightmare with your dishwasher. Hope you get it fixed before chritmas xx