Monday, 31 December 2007


Is it this time of the year again already? Can't believe it!!! The first half of the year is in a blur, and the 2nd half is not much better!!! :(

But hey, roll on 2008 - can't get worse I think? :)

Today we had a bit of a tidy around the house, had our traditional (?!?!) Raclette and now have moved upstairs to avoid any drunk revellers.

I am unable to find the "Dinner for One" Video for the 2nd year running (really have to make sure I have it for next year!!!) - DH googled it yesterday ... Interesting information there about the countries where it's being broadcasted! :)

I am still trying to catch up with Shim's Christmas Journal - will do that tomorrow while DH is watching LOADS of College Football! :) But I managed today's entry.


... wonder if I should suggest a little walk towards Corstorphine Hill to DH?


Dörte said...

Hi Kat - ich wünsche dir ein frohes neues Jahr !!! Mögen alle unsere Wünsche in diesem Jahr in Erfüllung gehen !!! (da es ja im letzten Jahr mal wieder nicht geklappt hat :o((( !!)

Heather said...

Happy New Year to you and Doug. Here's hoping 2008 is a better year.

(Is that your handwriting on the Shimelle journal? It's so nice it's like a font!)