Monday, 3 December 2007

On the 3rd of December....

Right .. nearly end of the day but have been spending most of today filling in the Team Application for the Wolves. NO IDEA why this always takes HOURS to complete (probably because the coaches don't provide information. LOL )...

Today's tea is BANANA & WALNUT ... and I haven't brewed it yet. Will do that tomorrow ... although I am not too sure on the Banana bit. Without the Walnut I would offer it to DH! ;)

And my Scrap Advent Calendar had this nice present here ... Shame I am not allowed to show a photo of the contents yet!!! :D Definitely going to take part in the Advent Calendar in 2008 as well if I can. :)

Off to bed now - want to do some cross stitching before I am dosing off. :)

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