Sunday, 2 December 2007

On the 2nd of December...

I've been doing some tidying and taking my break now. I managed to put up my tea advent calendar (but as you can see from this photo there are still more than 1/2 of the tea samples missing. Should be ok for a while though. :)

YESTERDAY'S tea was "Feuerzauber" (Magic of the fire) - Fruit tea with Rooibos and cinnamon. Quite nice - and that says a lot, as I don't like fruit teas that much. :)TODAY'S tea is "Amarettini" - A Rooibos tea with a hint of the Amarettini cookies and Marzipan. Quite like it actually.

I also arranged my Scrap Advent Calendar from the SBS girls and took quickly a photo. The packs are stuck to one of those sticky fabric thingies you get for putting up cards. It seems that it's not tacky enough anymore, so several of the small packets are falling off already. Shame really. Maybe I can get more of the stuff later this week?

Today's pack is this one - looks very nice, and the contents are very nice and will definitely be used! :) Thank you, Santa!

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