Thursday, 6 December 2007

Alles Liebe zum Nikolaustag!

Lots of love for St. Nicholas!! :)

That's a German thing - or maybe even mainland Europe. When I was a child you put a polished boot outside your door and when you got up on the 6th (St. Nicholas Day/Nikolaustag) you'll either have chocolates/oranges/clementines and nuts in your boot if you've been good, or you got a lump of coal or a birch (for whipping) in it if you've been bad. :) Aaaah... memories!! :) Sometimes, when the "Nikolaus" couldn't decide I found a birch in my boot which had small pieces of chocolate added. VERY confusing for a little child. LOL.

DH and I have slightly changed this and amalgamated the Christmas Stocking with the Boot. So instead of the stocking on Christmas Day we get a stocking on the 6th December. *DO YOU READ THIS, HUN??? IT'S THE 6TH DECEMBER!!!! ;)*

This year most of the items were delivered by the Nikolaus courtesy of my mum. YUMMIE Milka Christmas Chocolate Pack. :) I added 2 apples for DH in his Tigger Stocking.

At the SBS Forum we've done a "Nikolauswichteln" (equivalent to Secret Santa, just for St. Nicholas Day). I got my parcel already end of November and kept it without shaking it to figure out what's in it. Just added it to my Winnie the Pooh stocking.

Couldn't open yesterday's and todays Scrap Advent Calendar from the SBS Forum AND my stocking until after dinner today ... just far too busy. Have been trying to find the "August Rush" soundtrack everywhere on Princes Street but they just don't seem to have it. Gosh, they just don't know what's good!!!!

Anyway ... here are some pictures of the nice little things I got today. THANKS, ANJA (mywiel) for my Nikolauswichtel! LOVE IT!! It's chipboard pieces (self adhesive), a milka chocolate bar (eggnog flavour), 12 sheets 6x6 BG (Figgy Pudding?), 3 cards 7Gypsies, clips, eyelets, a prima (?) flower, snowflakes and a deco felt ribbon - never seen those before and LOVE them!!! :) Have already asked Anja where she got it from.

Oh... and my tea for today was ... Banana & Walnut again???! Happens I suppose. My Mutsch had to scour to get those tea tasters for my calendar. And it wasn't that bad last time. Quite liked it actually. :DAnd NO, I haven't done my journal entry for today (have to adjust with work and all that!) and I haven't been doing a batch of cards either. Just totally knackered just now. :(

But will have time enough tomorrow. We're getting some repair people turning up tomorrow to have a look at our dishwasher (which is out of commission since mid-November). And as usual we got the definite timeslot of ... wait for it .... BETWEEN 9 and 6!!!! GRRRR!!!

Just hope that guy turns up before 4pm as I have to get to our work Christmas dinner to Bonnyrigg. :o By bus this should take me about 2 hours to get there... OOOPS!

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