Wednesday, 5 December 2007

On the 5th day of December...

Today I was back at work and all was ok so far (if high volume of work as usual). Mvy friend from work has handed in her notice on Friday and will leave end of this month. AAAARGH! Shame really. But suppose, after more than 10 years at the same company she's probably looking for something else/different. You go girl!!! :)

As for me ... well, I went shopping after work, had a look for the Soundtrack from "August Rush" but HMV at St. James' Centre didn't have it and they told me that the HMV West End probably would have it... but it's £15. So decided against it. Got a pressie for DH instead and headphones for my MP3 and the DVD "Long Way Round" (Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman) for me. :) I'd seen bits from it when it was on TV but haven't seen the full series. And after "Long way down" I got interested in watching the whole series. :)

Anyway, got home at 6:30pm, started doing dinner and then dashed upstairs to check Internet and all that.

Then started making cards after dinner at 8:15pm ... made them, wrote them and decided that I can send the newsletter by e-mail. At 9:30pm Doug went by car to DrumBrae Leisure, just to call me and let me know that they have done the last collection at 6:30pm. DARN!!!! AAAAAAARRRGGHHHH!!! What a CRAP!

Ach well...will just have to pay 2nd class postage for them. Good thing is that I can now add the newsletter afterall. ... How does the steaming the envelopes open work again???? :o

Sooooo ... FIRST BATCH OF CARDS DONE!!! (that's specially for Sharon! ;) ) Six cards done. Used the triple stamp from Dimension Fourth - Squiggly Tree/Baubles/Tinsel. Don't know why I always have those stupid smudges ... anyone got any tips?
And fortunately I had already the layout for day 5 done in 2006. Another cheating here ... but from tomorrow it's 3 days of scrapping my Layouts.

Prompt for today was "Countdown" - so my Advent Calendars. :) Which - would you believe - I haven't had the time to open today! :o Just the Chocolate one, but the Tea one is still untouched (well.. still having to catch up with yesterday's tea!), the Scrap Advent Calendar is still downstairs and the wooden one is not opened either. :O HATE this! :(

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