Tuesday, 4 December 2007

A good movie! :)

Well...plans to do the christmas cards kinda went to pot today. :o Did have late-ish breakfast after a nice call from my Daddy, then put on a wash (guess what ... Wolves Jerseys again. ;) ) and then went upstairs to scan the league application form (for the team, annual thing) and complete the cheque. And suddenly it was 1:30pm and I had to dash down to get the car and drive to the cinema where I met up with the inlaws to watch "August Rush". VERY GOOD MOVIE!!! MUST SEE I'd say. Not a chick flick, and like MIL said - a Christmas Movie for the family (no swearing, no nudity). Loved the movie. And was surprised to see (once back home) that Jonathan Rhys Meyers actually did all the singing!! Thought he just acted it! GOOD music ... have to get my hands onto the soundtrack! :) Had a wee sniffle at the end of the movie ... apparently this is some kind of therapy to work out what happened last week, even though it's totally unrelated. :)

While I am not too keen on Jonathan Rhys Meyers (think his lips are a little female... ;) ) I think he has a FAB voice!!!

And for those of you who haven't seen the movie yet - get there!! :) It's the last week at Cineworld in Edinburgh (think it's gonna be replaced by "The Golden Compass").

I think Keri Russell looks quite a bit like the young Nicole Kidman in "Far and Away" or here. :)

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Heather said...

A Christmas movie for all the family? Sounds good. Thanks for the tip.